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We first listen to you about your needs and then we inspect the interior of your home as we begin to create a treatment plan that is customized to your home and needs. We treat for Ants, Roaches, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Rodents, and More!

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We inspect around the exterior of your home looking for entryways pests can use to gain access. We will put a treatment plan together and begin to treat the exterior of your home with a repellant product to create a barrier that keep pests from entering your home.

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We apply a barrier of granular bait outside of the liquid barrier designed to draw the pests further into the environment and away from your home. These barriers work together to provide up to 10 feet of protection for your home!

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We are happy to provide flea services and mosquito services as well to give you 360* of protection and peace of mind for your property. We take care of you from your stovetop to your sidewalk

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Your Home's Pest Control Experts

SNAPS Termite & Pest Control offers home services that cater to your needs. Our comprehensive range of services provides full property coverage to protect your home from pest infestations and common homeowner issues, all customized to suit your specific requirements. We offer services to transform your home into a pest-free haven, accompanied by supplementary home solutions to boost energy efficiency, manage moisture, and enhance curb appeal.

Our focus is on safeguarding the interior of your home against pests. We harness cutting-edge technology and advanced methods to craft a personalized plan that not only eliminates pests from your living space but also keeps them at bay throughout the year. Get in touch with us today to secure a pest-free and worry-free home.

Pest Control Experts in Birmingham, AL

Customized pest control programs to suit your unique needs.

Serving Jefferson, Shelby, and St. Clair Counties

Our customized pest control plans, designed for both residential and business settings, provide tailored and comprehensive solutions for a pest-free environment. We are a trusted name in Birmingham, AL. Rely on SNAPS Termite & Pest Control for a pest-free living experience!

Comprehensive Pest Solutions for Homes and Businesses

Enjoy a Pest-Free Environment with SNAPS Termite & Pest Control

We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our valued clientele within Jefferson, Shelby, and St. Clair Counties. Our proficiency spans interior and exterior pest control for both residential and commercial properties. What distinguishes us is our broad network of reliable professionals, encompassing plumbers, painters, electricians, general contractors, and real estate agents, ensuring the comprehensive maintenance of your property. 

Our team excels in delivering holistic solutions to address a range of pests, from common household nuisances to termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, rodents, and more. When you select SNAPS Termite & Pest Control, you can anticipate a prompt and dependable response to all your pest management requirements. 

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We are committed to providing top-quality service, ensuring your satisfaction through pest-free living.

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Community-connected pest control specialists with a deep understanding of your area’s unique challenges.

Eco-friendly Approach

Prioritizing family and eco-safety through responsible, environmentally-conscious pest control solutions.

Pest-Free Living Starts At Home

Opt for a Pest-Free Home with SNAPS Termite & Pest Control. Our wide-ranging expertise covers various pests, from common household annoyances to termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, rodents, and more. With a network of professionals, we ensure your property’s well-being. Choose us for swift and reliable service, and enjoy the peace of a pest-free home.

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SNAPS Termite & Pest Control For Your Business

We are your ideal choice for commercial pest management. We specialize in keeping your business space free from unwanted pests, and understanding the significance of a pest-free environment for both customers and employees. Our experienced team offers tailored solutions, including proactive prevention and swift response services. Partner with us to ensure a pest-free and comfortable workplace, protecting your business and its reputation.

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